Our Philosophy / Method

We only do what we do best.

"We have gone back to basics, binned the spin, and reminded ourselves why yachtsmen and yachtswomen pay for Yacht Insurance.

It is to protect themselves against financial loss in the event of an unpredictable incident damaging or destroying their boat or causing them to damage others and their property.

Bearing this in mind our intention is to provide the best protection for the best price.

In order to do this it has been necessary to create our own unique "All Risks" Y Yacht Insurance Policy clauses which give wider cover. (see Policy wordings and advantages of Y Yacht Insurance on this website). These policies are underwritten by MS Amlin. Further details are provided in the next section Our Insurers/ Underwriters/ Regulators.

Generous insurance cover wording is insufficient protection on its own - in the event of a claim the words need to be backed up by action. We believe that a yachtsman, who is not normally a marine insurance expert, should at least initially be represented and guided if a claim occurs. We will represent you even if this is against the underwriters of your policy!

There are few, if any, major yacht insurance providers who are able to represent their clients in the event of a claim. This is because they have Claims Departments that are paid for by and which represent the underwriters. Many yachtsmen wrongly believe that, in the event of a claim, they are represented by their insurance provider. If in doubt we advise that you check!

If your requirements do not fit into our own products we are free to and will place your business with different insurers/underwriters.

Y be different

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